100 creative leaders of Yakutia


What are the goals of the Yakutia project. 100 Most Creative Russians?

We are consolidating the creative industries of Yakutia, forming an idea of ​​this new sector of the economy among society, the state, investors and the international community.

Why did these people make it to the top 100?

The final list is based on a survey of more than 200 opinion leaders and experts. The research took place in several stages. Each stage contributed its own weight to the total score of the participant.
Stage 1 — Identification and survey of opinion leaders in all categories of research
Stage 2 — Gathering data from industry experts
Stage 3 — Analysis of indicators
Stage 4 — Voting of the expert commission

Why so many stages?

Thanks to this structure of the study, we were able to take into account the various points of view of both actors within the creative industries and external experts.
The creative sector is deeply involved in various spheres of the economy and everyday life, so the expert commission was formed, among other things, from specialists in other areas: sociology, psychology, investment, public administration, and the media.

What are the criterias of selection?

The experts were guided by the following criteria:
Impact on the core industry
Creation of new business models and/or directions
Export potential
Other achievements (international recognition, awards, financial success).

What creative industries are on the list?

Film, video and photography
Television and radio
Advertising and marketing
IT and computer games
Performing and theater arts
Museums, galleries and creative clusters